Sunday, March 2, 2008

R@nDoM +HouGH+s

Day passes so by day, week by week, month by month, now ady March...Dunno why have tht kinda feeling...Haiz...This sem seems so relax >.<
Many things happened these few days, and many problems as well...Feel like staying away from these stuff, far far away...Why cant everything juz be in peace??

Sometimes when things happen people will juz keep blaming others.Why cant they juz, please, juz think of wht others feel when saying something.


Went orphanage on Saturday with my group mates for our Moral Studies project (1st of March ) It's something new for me, including wht we did for food fair...Anyway, read Nicolekiss' blog today (abt her orphanage visit)...We are really lucky, for tht we can live a normal life, even tht we can walk normally, eat normally, talk normally...all these are the most precious thing we have in our own, and our families and friends, yet sometimes we still blaming this and tht, demanding for more, and hurting other's feeling for juz only some small matters.

Anyway, will post sth abt the orphanage next time...Thtz all for now..

Conflict.Dilemma. How I wished all matters and problems will juz disappear.

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ding said...

you're not the only one....