Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MoV!3 ~

Didnt blog for quite some time ady, quite busy nowadays...Anyway, went for movies recently n these are the movies that I watched XD

There are 3 of them, 1st is The Mist, 2nd is 10000BC and the last one is Step Up 2 !! hehe...I personally prefer Step Up 2 the most, it's sooooooo nice !! =) Go watch it if u still havent watch it =3

The Mist >>>

I'm actually feeling a bit worried before watching this movie XP (bcos of past experience, haha~) I seriously cant watch horror movie, or whatever scary stuff ( like resident evil ) cos....I cant stop thinking about the scary part of the movie =S !! So better dun watch this kinda movie and scare myself XP Anyway this movie is considered okay, though there's some part boring =P I dun like the ending =<

10,000 BC >>>

10,000BC is actually not bad, considered okay for me...Not much comment on this movie =)

Last but not least, Step Up 2 !!!!!! >>>

Well, this is the best movie for me out of these three =) hehe... Tht gal is hot,so do the guys, and their dancing is vry nice !!!! Marvellous !!! hehe XD Now i know why some ppl actually said they feel like dancing after watching this movie, haha..
Great movie =3 n here's some pictures of the movie >>>

See how they all dance....all pro dancer >>>

They dancing in the rain....Sooooooooo cool >>>

Haha, if u all interested juz go n watch d movie =) It's worth watching ( for me) though it's mostly about dancing, and there's some lessons to be thought of =3
No matter how we'll find a place that belongs to us, so juz dun give up...and in the world there's are many things to be appreciated, juz like relationships with other ppl, no matter who they, friends....
Cos when anything happens, true relationship will stay connected, firmly.
Btw...I saw two of my secondary friends --Phei Fang n Sook May, in Sunway College today !!! I was like OMG !!! lolz XD
Didnt expect them will study at Sunway, hehe =) They studying business course now, and all the best to them !! =)
Time to end my post for today XD.... It's going to our Progress Test soon....and all the best to our my fellow friends, good luck to u all ya!! And to those who taking their CBE soon, good luck too =3 Gambateh !!!

Bear bear !!! XD lolz
Good luck ya =)

I like the light at the back, they look like stars =3

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