Monday, January 26, 2009

Of Reunion Dinner and The 1st Day Of CNY

Hi everyone! It's the 2nd day of Chinese New Year today, and this new year is quite okay only for me, due to the boredom we ( me and my siblings ) experienced for these few days >_________<
Anyways, having holidays and meeting relatives are definitely better than rotting at home or having class, so I shall appreciate it ;)
Well, it's has been a meaningful day for everyone being far away from hometown, or people who rarely have some family-bonding time together ( like our family ) on Chinese New Year Eve. Normally our family wont have dinner at the same time, or gather around to chat about happenings around each and every one of us, except during weekends whereby we can actually go out for dinner together and chat about every single thing. It's sad I know :( So, this Chinese New Year Eve could be considered as a lil' gathering / reunion among my family members.
I uploaded these pictures last night, did some effort of adding in my blog's add, and I found it kinda tedious and, well, irritating. Lol. Salute to those bloggers who actually put in their efforts in their blog, even though this lil' work isn't that hard.
Okay let's get back on track and talk about my reunion dinner. Overall, it was great :D With me and my sis' help in the kitchen, we actually done cooking earlier than usual, teehee! And these are the pictures of our dinner :

Yummylicious Prawns! My favourite! :) And this was cooked by me! Hehe! *proud* Well, all the dishes were actually the 'masterpiece' of three of us ( me, my mom and my sis ) Just that I so happened to be cooking on this dish only.

2nd dish : Fish~! And this was cooked by my sis :)
3rd dish : Okay I dunno wht is this called >____<>
4th dish : Veggies. Cooked by me. Doesnt look much appealing I know... But one important thing is : it's edible :D

5th dish : Yummy Roasted Chicken, cooked by my sis ;)

Overall picture~* Oh ya, there was soup as well, but didnt capture a nice picture of it.
We actually prepared and cooked it for few hours, and we all finished our food in about, 15 - 20 minutes I think? But we didnt finish every single dish. Chinese believed that we should leave some food as it implies "nian nian you yu" izit? I'm not pretty sure about this but the fact is that we couldnt finish so much of food xD

After dinner we all just watch tv programmes and chit-chat together. Pretty enjoy this kinda feeling as we rarely spend time together like this. Hmm I didnt countdown for Chinese New Year, I was sleeping instead of counting down for the brand new year actually, despite the loud noise of firecrackers and fireworks everywhere 'cause I was just too sleepy at that moment. I found that I'm actually very good in sleeping :D hee!

1st day of CNY
I felt sort of excited and thrilled when I 1st woke up, thinking that it's the very 1st day of CNY, and it's definitely a big day for us :) After we got ourselves prepared, we went to my aunt's and subsequently to my granpa's house after the 1st visit. And one thing that kept me excited is actually my newly bought top for CNY, hehe!
Me and my sis took a lot of pics, like seriously, after the visits. We snapped like 20 to 30 pictures with the same angle and same spot xD Haha! So please bear with us, Lol!
For this CNY it's a bit boring as there's actually not really many of them that could make it for the gathering, and as there're lesser people, it wouldnt as merry as it was like the previous CNY.

So, it turned out to be the lil' gathering among me and my siblings =.= We chatted loads of things, took some random pictures, and of course, eat and drink, lol~ Normally it's quite rare for three of us to gather and share our thoughts, as each and every of us would be busy with our own stuffs. And for me and my sis, it's a habit for both of us to share all happenings and thoughts among ourselves as we are staying in the same room. At times I did feel upset just 'cause I couldnt get my own room as I dreamt for ( so as my sis ), but both of us actually feel grateful that we're staying in the same room. If not our relationship might not be as intimate as we're now.

Although we always argue ( and fight a lot, when we're young ), those arguments and disagreement will be forgotten awhile later, and the next moment you know, we're chatting happily again ;)

Without her, I wont be the one I am now. She did influence me a lot, directly or indirectly, and some of them she might not even noticed. She cares about the one she loves alot. She's passionate, and cheerful as well :) No matter how she's still my sis, and I loves her a lot, hee!

This is like my 'alwyz' spot for taking pics ;P

I like this picture a lot~!*

This picture and two more pictures below were edited by my sis.

My pretty sis :D

I'm like doing some sort of advertisement for hello kitty in this pic =.=

We felt bored after some time and start taking pictures like these.

And this. I looked damn yong sui in this pic can? >.<"

And this as well.

Anyways, gotta go to bed dy as tmrw I hafta wake up early again! Oh god I hope I have endless holidays! Havent start on any single thing yet and guess I will only have time to finish my homework on the last day of holiday, epp! :P
Hope u guys will have fun during this holiday~! Bye~* :)