Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2nd day of CNY @ MV, Old Klang Road, MV

2nd day of Chinese New Year

For the 2nd day of CNY, I went to my uncle's hse which is nearby OUG. Before that we went MV for breakfast @ The Gardens, and visit my Aunt Jenny who's working at MV.

Candid >___<

Didnt realise that my bro was taking this picture when I was busy messaging.

Posing~ Lol xD
It was quite boring though, as the relatives that came werent as many as last year, and we all were just watching tv programmes while having some random chat. We actually watched the Miss International Pageant 2009 and "Ji Gong" starring by Stephen Chow, which was damn lame in my opinion -_________-
We lepak-ed there for few hours before we headed back to MV, again, for late lunch and shopping! ;D Or window shopping, to be exact, since I didnt manage to buy anything from there. We had our late lunch/ early dinner @ Purple Cane, The Gardens. The food there was okay, but a lil' pricy. We all were soooo hungry that we didnt even bother to take pictures of the nice food 1st before we ate them xD

This was candid as well, with my "???" expression >____<
Was thinking of having some dessert at tht point of time, bu too bad tht few desserts that I wanted all finished :( Sighs.

Me and my Bro @ The Gardens. Totally adore the lights behind! :)

U can see that my bro is actually very tall, and he's just 16 years old =/ Can u imagine how tall he would be in a few years time?

After having our meal we went back straighaway, and since we have loads of time we started taking pictures :P

Me and my bro.

In fact, normally me and bro didnt really chat much ( as in daily life ) since we're in the different room and seldom gather together, there's nothing much we can chat also. Anyhow, during this CNY we chat quite a lot, well, as compared to before this and it was great :)

My bro claimed that he doesnt look good in these pictures but I dont think so :D

Do we look alike??

Failed attempt to promote a handphone xD

I love this picture, but it's kinda blurry.

And this even more blurry than the previous one >.<
Gotta go now, take care people! :)
*posted on 31/01/2009