Saturday, January 24, 2009


Hello hello~! It has been quite some time since i last blogged ( very long time, in fact ) Anyways, how's everyone doing? Going back hometown and busy preparing for the upcoming CNY perhaps? :)

Unlike last year, I won't be going back to Johor as my relatives are coming up from Johor! It has been really long since I last met up with them, around 1 year I guess? And some even longer. No doubt all of my family members are excited when we knew that they're coming over to celebrate CNY together, and to have some bonding and chit-chatting sessions, especially my mom ;)

Talking about going back hometown, some of my friends get to come back to KL during this holiday, and hopefully we manage to do some catch ups before our CNY break ends, hehe! Sometimes I do hope that I can have hometown other than KL, as in places other than where I'm living now ( sounds kinda sily though ), but at least I got to enjoy the joy and happiness of travelling back hometown and meet my relatives. After being apart for so long, not knowing how each other's doing, the reunion of all family members would definitely be warm and worth remembering.

However, even though all my relatives are staying in KL, there's actually not much chance for us to gather around, so it would be great to meet up once in awhile :)

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year Eve and we all will be busy helping out in kitchen ( and have fun, of course! ) Hehe! Time passes so fast, I still can remember we actually found snail in the veggies last year during preparation for reunion dinner =.= And now I'm in the twenties' range dy, gosh I feel old :(

Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone and hope those who're celebrating CNY will have a good time ;)

More updates during CNY! Cya~!

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