Sunday, October 26, 2008

Steff's Birthday ~ 251008 ;)

Steff's surprise b-day party @ MV
25/10/2008 :)

Attended by Steff ( of course ), Cath, Emiko, Siewlin, Me, Kak Liza, Shirod, Vanessa, Ong, Joseph, David, Darren and Aruna :)

All of us arrived at Nando's at around 11.30am and waited for Cath to bring Steff there. Before this Cath told Steff that only we girls will be celebrating for her, teehee!

I'm taking pic too! :D

Had much fun on that day itself, chatting and laughing away during that 2 hours.

We girls ;)

With the b-day girl in between of us!

Oops the pictures' arrangement wrong dy...>< href="">
B-day girl looks happy :)

Apart from celebrating her b-day we gave her a present too >> a purse~!

Me, Cath and Aruna 'kacau-ing' at the side ;P

My 1st picture with David.
Why I looked so ==........

Emiko and Steffie!

After paying the bills we were basically taking pictures around, as usual! hehe!

Kak Liza, Steff, Me and Aruna.

Me love this picture! Hee!
5 of us again ;P

Love this picture as well!
Somehow blurry picture looks nicer XD haha~
Was browsing through all the pictures taken and found that all these I have never posted them, due to my laziness and lost of ethusiasm in blogging *epp* so just post them here as well ;P
Outing @ 1U
*gosh it's like a month ago*

Enjoyed hanging out with them a lot ! hehe! :D
Hope there's more to come soon!
Okay the following is super looooooooong overdue.
Forgot to post them in my previous post about cath's b-day ;P

Tadah! Done!!!!! *phew*
I'm being super lazy now, epp! Will post something proper next time ayte. * i think*
p.s. Mock is finally over! And it's the worst among all the tests I have ever had so far >.<>


david-dd said...

(==) you don't look like that also.. you look fine is just me... actually..hahha... and mg i like the sound track you put... loving it**

Yingying said...

I love it very much also! hehe! :)
Next time we muz take more pics 2gether yah! Knw u for so long this is the 1st pic we had, haha!


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