Monday, November 10, 2008

Just a lil' update~ :)

Hello people~! ;)
It has been quite some time since I last update, so just thought of updating a lil' about my recent life before I go missing again, hee!
Our normal classes have come to an end, and from now on there's just edc/ efc ( revision classes ). Well my final is around the corner and I seriously need motivation to really sit down and study instead of busying on everything other than studies. Someone scold me please >.<
Anyway, went to this ACCA 34th Graduation Ceremony on 8th of Nov which is on Saturday @ KLCC. I went out from my house at around 8.15 am and that time Jovan called me asking me whether I have already registered my name. I was pretty shocked, thinking that I was late as I didnt really check properly with them before this. I further confirmed with him as to whether we're supposed to wear coat and the answer turned out to be a 'yes', which is very bad for me as I don't have any. Lol.
I turned back ( that time I was already on my way to KLCC ) to borrow a coat from my cousin and only then I rushed there >.<>.<

It's definitely much better than our college's own graduation ceremony. Be it of it's setting or it's food.
However, I reached there in time :) hehe!
There's a lot of graduates holding flowers and wearing robes, happily taking pictures with their families. That time I actually kinda felt determined ( so-called 'determined' ) to finish my ACCA faster so that I can be part of them.
I even asked my dad, " Pa, will you buy me flowers when I graduate from ACCA next time?"
Dad, " Sure. Why not?"
Me, " Then I want got kuma-kuma one worr."
Haha! xD

Hopefully I can finish my ACCA faster. Haiz~

I wanna be part of them also! :D

The seat and table-setting is much nicer compared to ...*ahem ahem*

We waited for around 3 hours plus for our turn to get the prize from the ACCA president. Frankly speaking, I kinda pity him ( the president ) as he has to give the cert to each and every affiliates, with the same pose and same smile. Mind you, there's about 900 plus affiliates! ( Including Dec 2007 and June 2008's affiliates ) Yet, he still managed to maintain the same bright smile towards the end of the ceremony and gave some encouraging words to each and every of us. ( I think so, at least he did say something like "well done, blah blah blah.." to me. Didnt really get what he said as I didnt expect him to say anything to me. Lol. )

Even the admission card also much better can?
* Reminds me of the "EAT No"on my admission card during Sunway College ACCA/ CAT Graduation -- It supposed to be "SEAT No" but somehow the "S" turned out to be missing*
*Looks like I've been complaining too much. Epp!*
Finally it's our lunch time at around 1 plus, and they serves chinese dishes ( like those we had during CNY or wedding dinner ) The food was nice, hee! I *heart* the dessert! Some creamy coconut milk with honeydew and sago thingy, yummylicious! ~ :)
It was actually quite a waste for those food as the portion they served was too big for us, and ended up each and every of the dishes we could only finish about half of it. There're so many tables there ( around 100 I guess ) and I wonder what they gonna do with all those leftovers. Hopefully they won't 're-use' it ~___~
p.s. My house is currently having some renovation and it's veryyyy noisy -________- *beh tahan* It's driving me crazy~! Grrrrrrr.
p.p.s. I need to sleep =(


kent said...

its been a long time since I last visit ur blog, haha, sorry abt tht.
well, juz to leave some words here,
nth important to say, haha~
anyway, glad to see u still in a good condition, i mean "recently", maybe not now, hehe
ur exam seems to b coming soon, and mine are also coming, in 3 hours time, == everyone is studying to the last minutes and i still talking nonsense here, == so shit....
good luck to me, and hav a nice day! hope to see u soon =) I am coming back, tis november, yeah!

Yingying said...

Heyy long time no see! hehe! Yah my exam coming real soon T______T
You too hav a nice day! Till when u'll b staying here? Let's go out! teehee! :)

Hope to cya soon! Take care ya!~


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