Saturday, October 4, 2008

Gone-d Bloggie.

Spent the whole day trying to work on a new blogskin since I'm super free right now, and ended up getting grumpy + irritated + annoyed + whatever you name it, and nearly dump this blog. forever.

Due to the fact that I'm an IT idiot, so it's a bit too much for me to handle such tough mission*coughstupidcough*

Anyways a big thank you to Evelyn, who helped me to 'revive' it! teehee! *big applause*

Grrrrrrrrr. I hate myself for being so stupid -_______-

Okay. Just randomly talk about my holidays now :D

1st. I sleep.
2nd. I eat.
3rd. I online.
4th. I hang out. once.
5th. I sleep. again. (like I could never ever sleep again in the rest of my life)

Sometimes I'm so impressed with my sleeping ability. I can sleep for straight 12 hours per day during holidays yet I feel so sleepy throughout the day. ZzzzzzZzzzzZzzzzzzz.


There's this touching video which I think it's worth sharing :)

What you guys think after watching this video? No doubt it very touching, but will you believe that there's actually someone who will do anything for the girl he loves? I didnt mean to spoil the mood after watching it ayte. Even I myself also watched until cried. Just that somehow I don't really believe in such stories, not that I say there's no one who will sacrifice anything for the one he/she loves, just that it's quite rare. And you must be really lucky to meet such a person in your life, if you have one.

I did hope for some great lover, some memorable and romantic relationship *dream on* teehee! That sounds so great can? But as I grow up, meet different people, see different things, I realized that it's actually not easy, in fact, it's very very hard, to meet someone like that. For some people even the one they married with is not the one they really love, or maybe the love is not so deep. Finding the right person to fill in another part of us isnt easy.

There's one thing that I realized, it's not all the nice words or great poems that can actually melts someone's heart, it's the most simple words which were spoken with a sincere heart. What do you think? :)


Liz[nmnmf] said...

Chuying! I love that song.. and the video clip. Everytime I tengok, tak kisah la berapa kali pun, I'll sure cry. So thank goodness I dah agak it was that video and didn't watch it. Kalau tak blog you sure banjir.

Anyway, was quite sedih you didn't come beraya at my house. Next year pls come.. =)

And yes, I do not believe in those kinda fairy tales ending (although the guy was blind in the end -- not really a happy ending, but you get what I mean kan?). It's just not likely to happen in reality. Maybe if he gave an eye boleh percaya la kut.. huhu.

Snail Evelyn said...




Yingying said...

Kak -
Yeah, sorry for not coming =(
Hope I can make it next year, teehee! I heard that your hse is nice! :)

Haha yea I get what you meant, and for the donate-only-one-eye part--that's what I thought of oso! XD That one boleh percaya,hee!

p.s. Kak I miss you~!*

Yingying said...

Evelyn -

Haha yea,it's all depend on our fate, who we will meet, and who we will eventually spend the rest of our lives with.For so many people in this world,the chances of meeting that ONE person is so little.

Everytime I watch this kinda video clip or movies I'll be like " touching"..after I shed all the tears then I'll be like "all these kinda stories are fake 1" =X

Hmm true indeed. I wonder if every guys have such hope on their dream girl, hee! And yah, the amount of courage we gonna have to be such person..but who knows ryte, when you really meet The ONE ;)

Was wondering upon this one thing, if all the guys and girls do not believe in such thing nymore,how will it be like eh?

Cya soon~! :)


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